Through accountability we help you build confidence and good habits to reach your goals.

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You won't find gimmicks, fads, or negativity here.
Are you ready to finally stop chasing the "quick-fix" and work hard with a group of positive, driven people? Let's chat.

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We're glad you want to join Built By Unity, please schedule your free introductory session so one of our coaches can get to know you to see how we can best serve your fitness needs.


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.


We go above and beyond to give you the best experience possible!

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  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 30
  • Day 45
  • Day 60
  • Day 1: You Take The First Step Image


    Day 1: You Take The First Step

    Today is the day you take the first step. You schedule your Free Intro.

    Get Started
  • Day 2: Meet A Coach To Talk Your Goals Image


    Day 2: Meet A Coach To Talk Your Goals

    Meet with one of our world-class coaches to discuss goals and programs.

    Meet Your Coach Tomorrow
  • Day 3: Find A Program That Suits You Image


    Day 3: Find A Program That Suits You

    We offer a variety of plans to meet your needs and your goals. One of our coaches will help you select the plan that works best for.

    See Our Programs
  • Day 4: Together we start the journey to a happier, healthier you. Image


    Day 4: Together we start the journey to a happier, healthier you.

    We help you learn the fundamentals of being fit. Our community helps keep you accountable and supports you as you start your journey to a happier, healthier you!

  • Day 30: A Healthier, Happier You Image


    Day 30: A Healthier, Happier You

    Congratulations, you’ve been with Built By Unity for 30 days and it’s been a great 30 days. You’ve already completed a couple of your fitness goals!

    Start toward Your Day 30 Now
  • Day 45: Ahhhmazing YOU Image


    Day 45: Ahhhmazing YOU

    Congratulations on doing great work and investing in your long-term fitness goals. It’s not easy, but you’re accomplishing a lot already, so keep the ahhmazing effort (and good times) rolling.

  • Day 60: 60 Days Of Fitness Image


    Day 60: 60 Days Of Fitness

    By coming to class you’ve learned to do things you’ve never thought you could.

    We want to celebrate YOU — reaching your milestones, pushing toward your potential, achieving a PR (personal record), and so much more!

    Start Day 1 Today
  • Sherry Welch's success story

    This Program changed my life!

    BBU has been more than a gym to me, it is my family! It has completely transformed my outlook on health and fitness. Everyone there has welcomed me with open arms and have empowered me to become the best version of myself....

    Sherry Welch

    1 year(s) at Built By Unity

  • Jessie Gallion's success story

    I should Have Started sooner!

    The only regret I have, is not starting sooner. With the boys in sports year around, you can't expect them to work hard if you aren't! BBU is my outlet as a busy, working mom. Changed my life is an understatement this place has transformed me....

    Jessie Gallion

  • Ethan Fry's success story

    The coaches are invested in helping you reach your goals.

    "My experience at Built By Unity has been nothing short of amazing. It starts out as something fun to do. But, once you progress and see results... it becomes an addiction."...

    Ethan Fry

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